What is impact producing? It’s more than distribution, more than marketing. It’s about positioning a film to have substantial impact in the world.

I collaborate with directors and producers, setting strategy for outreach and engagement campaigns for documentary films. I bring fresh creative ideas and innovative solutions to each of my clients.

I also help with grant writing, fundraising, partnership building, audience engagement, copy writing, social media campaigns, distribution and brainstorming sessions.

I am a strategic and big picture thinker. My passion lies in elevating stories to prominence online and offline. I started Riley Creative with a belief in offering new and fresh perspectives on strategy and marketing, and a focus on delivering excellence to documentary filmmakers.

I found my way into impact producing via running political campaigns. I have two decades of experience running city council, mayoral, state representative, state senate and congressional races and led two statewide non-profit organizations as Field Director.

Running political campaigns consists of setting strategy, brainstorming, being flexible and focused, all skills which are needed as an impact producer.

Mentors have included Jon Reiss and Debra Chasnoff, both of whom taught me the importance of impact and how to run effective impact and social media campaigns.

Personally, I love travel, my friends, my cats, a really good espresso, good music and a good book. 

Contact me directly at chrisrileycreative <at> gmail <dot> com